Feminist Resistance to Israeli Apartheid

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Fabienne Presentey, Meg Leitold, Dolores Chew, Rafeef Ziadeh

Photos: Courtesy of Nahed Mansour




The event FEMINIST RESISTANCE TO ISRAELI APARTHEID : the legacy of Lillian Robinson on Thursday, March 5th  at the Atwater Library was a really powerful panel discussion around the feminist and the palestinian struggle. thanks to Aaron who took the time to record the discussion. you can listen to the Panel and if you would like to hear the questions and the comments that followed the presentations please contact me at  y_amor [at]alcor[dot]concordia[dot]ca and we will upload them for you to listen. Enjoy and thanks again to all the speakers, the organizers, to the public and to the Atwater Library.



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Please note that the lecture has been postponed for 6 p.m. – Thanks.

In this lecture, Yvette Taylor will draw upon two research projects Working-class Lesbian Lives: Classes Outsiders, Taylor 2007 and Lesbian and Gay Parents: Securing Social and Educational Capital, Taylor, 2009 to highlight the ways that sexual lives and experiences inevitably intersect with class (dis)advantages.

While much has been written of the dangers of ignoring class in researching and theorizing sexuality, it remains somewhat sidelined and absent in contemporary work on sexualities, having weighty consequences for the understandings and knowledge produced. The academy tends to reproduce a middle-class LGBT experience as universal, negating the ‘queerness’ of working class experience.

Yvette Taylor is a lecturer in the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology, Newcastle University,

UK. Her publications include Taylor, Y. (2007) Working-class lesbian life: Classed Outsiders. Palgrave Macmillan, Taylor, Y. (2009) Lesbian and Gay Parenting: securing Social and Educational Capital. Palgrave Macmillan and Taylor, Y. (2008) “That’s not really my scene: working-class lesbians in (and out of) place” sexualities11 (5), 523-546. She is currently working on an edited collection (2010) Our Working-Class Lives. Ashgate, and an ESRC funded project “From the Coal Face to the car Park: Intersections of class and gender” (2007-2009).

For more information contact Yasmine Amor :  y_amor[at]alcor[dot]concordia[dot]ca

Follow up on Suheir Hammad’s Show

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More pictures to come!